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Vhalia, a Minecraft server by Arkros

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Minecraft 1.16.5 / Vanilla


What is Vhalia?

Vhalia is a custom Minecraft server created and managed by Arkros. It is a server with several plugins to enhance the gameplay, but while retaining a very vanilla experience. The goal of our concept is to provide a simple server to play onto freely, but while also reinforcing several aspects of the game by making a few unique changes.

Factions, PvP and Land Protection

In order to reinforce the PvP aspect of the game, we have decided to add the famous Factions plugin, but we have edited it slightly so that it fits well with the vanilla aspect of the server. Factions will be the only players' way of protecting their resources and builds. As the leader of one, or simply as a member, you will be able to build and secure your belongings in the territories that you would have claimed, but you will have to take care: each player has a power level, and this power level goes down when you die. If your power ever gets inferior to the number of territories belonging to your faction, other factions will be able to come and conquer your land, stealing your possessions at the same time.

Resource Worlds

Faction territories can only be claimed in the server's main world, and players can only build and destroy blocks inside of their own terrirories within this world. Because of this, you might think that the amount of available resources will be limited, that's why we are introducing a new mechanic: the resource worlds. These are default Minecraft worlds, including the overworld, the nether, and the end, but on Vhalia, they get reseted every 6 hours, in order to always provide a way to quickly get resources without worrying about damaging the main world visually.

The resource world can be accessed via a portal at the spawn. The nether and the end can be accessed from the original portals, inside of the resource world. In order to leave the resource world, you will have to use the "/spawn" command (this method is temporary as we are currently looking for a way to implement a more vanilla workaround).

Skills and Leveling

Vhalia introduces new leveling and skill mechanics thanks to the addition of the popular McMMO plugin. This allows you to gain experience for almost every type of activity in the game. The more you level up, the more skills you will unlock, and those will help you in the long run, but you will need to be careful: dying in PvE will make you lose a part of your experience (in debate), and dying in PvP will make the attacker steal a part of it as well.

Item Nerfs

In order to reinforce some aspects of the game, like alchemy, repairing, and item values, we had to make some sacrifices. Things that are considered too powerful in the game has been disabled: this includes beacons (to make alchemy more important), the mending enchantment (to improve the destruction of resources and make repairing more important), and elytras (which are just too powerful in such a server).

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